==Welcome to the Animal jam Fairytail clan Wiki==

Hello, Im Nashi Dragneel and welcome to Fairy Tail

Fairytail is an anime which is very fun and creative and funny

Fairytail is a guild. A guild is like a pack (Clan) of human's. This type of guild is a magic guild and if you don't know what fairytail is, its okay but this is SOME of the magic from fairytail if you want the magic from fairytail you MUST inform me (Im Lolamy6)

1) Dragon slayer magic (Different types of elements BUT I warn you this magic is hard to get and you must be in the guild for a long time or know fairytail just as well as me) Also I have fire dragon slayer magic I can basically consume fire use it to attack and ect I can also consume lighting iron and this powerful thing that I will not name.. if you want to know the different types of dragon slayer magic please just ask me

2) Celestial magic (This magic is to summon the zodiac keys. As you may know zodiac's are your birthday... symbol's you could say. Example I am leo the lion leo the lion is the zodiac of august also as there are 12 months there's 12 zodiac keys and silver keys (The silver keys dont really do much) also it's very hard to get all 12 golden keys (Zodiac keys) also you must let other people have zodiac key's so you cant have them all please jag me what kind of key you want (you start off with one but when you do something good or your in the guild for a long time then and only then i'll let you have more keys (When all 12 keys are used together its well... its a surprise which ill tell you later if all zodiacs are together) ALSO you are not to put all of them together for fun because when you use magic it takes some energy and your energy takes a long time (not like weeks) to come back to 100%

3) Requip magic (This magic lets you requip your armor (weapons) any time you want (or your outfits) BUT this is a power only skilled wizards can have and know how to use like in fairytail Erza Scarlet is an S class wizard (those wizards are high ranked) And she alone in that guild has the magic so you must be an s class wizard to have this magic and also you have to inform me. I myself have something alike this magic its demon requip its like the exact same but demons.. also this magic is powerful so it takes a lot to get this magic (even if you are an s class wizard) you can requip into armor's like lighting armor (you can shoot lighting ect ect) alike celestial magic once your energy is down (it hurts I think when you keep using it) your armor then your using will fade away and your normal armor will come back on (you cant do much with your normal armor)

4) Solid script magic (This magic is like well.. words you could sat something like this (SOLID SCRIPT IRON) the word iron would form and it would be iron you could say (SOILID SCRIPT FIRE) the word fire would appear in flames but you cant use this for everything like solid script wings and you just have a pair of wings it doesn't work that way so yeah also if you have solid script magic it means you like to read ect ect im not saying your a nerd cause I like to read too

5) Time magic (This time magic has another name but I think time suits it better its where you can control time... well not exactly picture this something is coming towards you (lets say a rock) you can pause it in time and put it back where it was, get it? you can control an objects time in other words but you cant control a living thing also this is a old spell its lost magic... i'll explain lost magic later... if you want to set back time you will die and it only takes back 1 minute BUT if you decide to do this 1 minute people tons of people could die in 1 minute (if we're in war it helps but im not asking you to do this) so be warned do not do this spell

6) Ice maker magic (This magic lets you make anything I repeat ANYTHING out of ice (not like an ice-cream food ect ect) stuff like weapons or shields Ice cannon, bazooka ect also everyone has they're own style its extremely nearly impossible to copy somebody's style but as time magic you can also use a spell that wouldn't kill you but.. well.. its called ice shell and you can use it to turn something into ice forever (lets say a powerful demon) It would turn you into that ice this could also come in useful in battle but again im not asking you to do this and I don't want you to

7) Water magic (... You can basically do stuff with water you can make it out of thin air and stuff but you cant if your dehydrated this is a magic that everyone could get because it's common but still ask me because all these kind of magic is from fairy tail (the show) also if your depressed (All the time until somebody cheers you up for good you cant go happy depressed happy depressed also when your REALLY MAD (Im war (battle) ) it will rain anywhere you go but I don't expect a lot of you to be depressed

8) Transforming ( You can transform into any kind of animal well.. not exactly you could turn into a bird and be a human but with wings or there is a different transformation magic where you can fully turn into any animal you want but you cant do both

9) Gun magic ( This kind of magic lets you shoot kind of like magic bullets from your gun)

10) God slayer magic ( Now I probably wont let ANYONE have this magic its not as strong as dragon slayer magic ( Dragons are the most powerful thing in the wizard world & some dragon slayers have defeated god slayers or had a tie with them) so this god slayer magic is like a tiny boost up from dragon slayer magic but only a little bit for example say if there was a sky dragon slayer and a sky god slayer (they both have healing powers) while the dragon slayer can heal others the god slayer can heal herself (im not sure she or he could heal others too, they probably could ) see? its a small boost up also if you've watched the show you would of seen in the GMG ( Grand magic games) That wendy and shellia had a tie (Wendys the sky dragon slayer and shellia is the sky god slayer) as I said before I probably wont give anyone this kind of magic

11) Ok I don't know what this magic is called but I probably wont give anyone this power either it basically eliminates your enemy or the enemy in your eyes (your enemy not everybody's enemy) but the master of fairytail (In the show) used this and its extremely powerful so I wont give this out (maybe I will) and im going to call this.. eh I dont know give me opinions

12) Illusion ( Well... you make illusions of course (you can jag me about this and not tell anyone so nobody will know because nobody's suppose to know.. also if somebody touches your illusion it'll fade but in your time of need (lets say your home town got invaded and everyone died) you wont know and you'll make an illusion come to life but if you realize it's and illusion your friend will fade away (also when you do this nobody else can see her or him)

13) If you watch fairytail you know the Urano Metria chant (I also use this chant and make it up a little) so this takes about 7 years I think and this is the chant

Survey the Heavens, Open the Heavens... All the stars, far and wide... Show me thy appearance... With such shine. Oh Tetrabiblos... I am the ruler of the stars... Aspect become complete... Open thy malevolent gate. Oh 88 Stars of the heaven... Shine! Urano Metria!

Also there is something called a holder type wizard that means if you use an item for magic your a holder type people that have magic like me are like wizards who have trained (im not saying holder's dont train i mean that they can do a simple thing first then start to train if they want to however wizards like me train to get their magic) for example Lucy Heartfilia is a holder type wizard she uses the zodiac keys (Celestial magic) if you train you can open 2 zodiac's at once and perhaps unlock the star dress.. i also changed the form (but it wont let me) you can have 3 types of magic but you have to earn it so for now you will choose 2 i have also unlocked the star dress

Ok now I will explain lost magic and zeref.. i'll start with lost magic. Lost magic is forbidden magic its very dangerous not just for the person that's their opponent but for the user too. People who use lost magic normally give up something dear to them.. like how that angel girl gave away a bit of her life so she could summon an angel from above. Please im begging you NEVER use lost magic NEVER... Okay on to zeref... zeref is a god you could say.. but he's a dark wizard he doesn't want to be thou so please don't blame him he's cursed so that anything that goes near him will die not all the time its like a sound you could say.. it happens maybe once an hour that's why he tries to stay away from living creatures also he can create demons. Natsu.. My dad is zeref's brother my dad died and zeref I think he recreated him but he also made him into E.N.D.. E.N.D Stands for Etherious Natsu Dragneel so zeref created E.N.D to kill him he didn't want to live but E.N.D (Natsu's demon form) Was concealed in a book.. The book of E.N.D if that book was to open E.N.D would be awakened and he would turn fully demon. Natsu actually died 400 years ago but he was revived like I said by zeref his older brother but natsu doesn't know so in a way I could also be E.N.D If you really think about it but I probably wont do any roleplay with that also if I get my brother (He's suppose to be igneel) He might be E.I.D. If you want to survive the wave attacks that zeref has no control of you have to lie down don't look at him nothing stay completely down if you want to live also im not trying to make this about myself and if anyone thinks that im sorry but im really not im simply stating the fairy tail facts. If you have any questions tell me. - Nashi Dragneel Founder Of This Guild

We haven't really done any events yet but we will soon I am on 24/7 and roleplay in the forest I do the same old thing mostly like this -Nashi dragneel sighed as she looked at the fire, it reminded her of her dad natsu dragneel- like that and if you want to join the roleplay just say so.  

Introduction (story)

You walk around Fiore and come across a magic shop you wonder if that means wizard guild's are in Fiore. You hear some people talk about the damage that Fairytail has done (we go overboard) you laugh quietly. You have heard of Fairytail and have seen them in the  Sorcerer Weekly. You longed to join a guild like Fairytail and all of a sudden some girls gossip they say "Have you heard? The master's of Fairytai and some SSS class wizardsl have been looking around this part of town!" (the 1st girl said). "No way!" (the 2nd girl) ."Wait..look its them down there!!" (3rd girl) They go running down towards the Masters and SSS Class wizards some people surrounding them. You think that you'll have a lot of fun in Fairytail. One of the master's met your gaze. She walked up to you alone leaving her comrades to keep the towns folk busy she smiled at you "Hello, i saw you looking at us and you looked like you wanted to ask us something?" She said kindly. You replied to her in a quiet voice "Yes.. Im ______ ________ and i want to join your guild.. But im not that powerful..". She looked at you "Of course you can join it doesn't matter if your not powerful some of the people in my guild are still learning magic!" She said laughing a bit. "Im Nashi Dragneel and welcome to our family" She took out a fairy tail emblem stamp. "Where do you want it?" She said. "On my _______?" You replied a bit shy. With that she stamped the emblem on your _______ and it turned into your favorite color. She took you hand and singled the other wizards and walked to Fairy tail's guild hall. She opened the door "EVERYONE WELCOME THE NEW MEMBER OF OUR FAMILY!" She shouted as everyone cheered.


                              Founder's are the people who made the guild you will respect them
                                                      (The master's)

You cant challenge the founders

                                                       SSS Class Wizard's
                                      SSS Class Wizards are the people who take hard jobs for other people  
                                                      That could take about a century to finish     
                                                        (Also the warrior's)

You can fight with these wizards but be warned they are very strong and could easily kill you even if they dont mean to

                                                               S Class Wizard's      
                                                  They're alike SSS Class Wizards But their job's   
                                                            Can only take about a year
                                                                 (Also warrior's)
                    These wizards are also very strong and could kill you but not as easily as SSS Class wizards could

                                                               Normal Wizard's
                                                 They're job's can take at least a week to finish
                                                   Just because they're not S Class or SSS Class
                                                         Doesn't mean they're not powerful

For example Natsu was a normal wizard for a long time but he was nearly as powerful as Erza (S Class wizard she is also the strongest women in Fairy tail

you can challenge them


Username Name Gender Your lover No freechat name

Lolamy6 Nashi Female N/A Flame


Freya076 Rad Female Fire fang No need

Daredevil (Tomboy) (not in guild)

SSS Class Wizard's

Username Name Gender Your lover No freechat name

Potatonuggetparty Zed Female N/A (She doesn't have one yet)


                                                              S Class Wizard's  
                                                               Non yet   

Normal Wizard's

Username Name Gender Your lover No freechat name

Lpsdisny Shadow Female N/A No need



Nashi Dragneel: Fire Dragon Slayer, Transformation (Demon) And Star Dress

Rad Daredevil: Lighting And Transformation Lighting Beast

Zed Bladeheart: Shadow And Ice

Shadow Darkblood: (She need's to change it)

These are the rules you will follow them and read them if i see you (or anyone else) break them you will be punished

1) We treat each other like family

2) No power playing and if your practice fighting someone in our guild try not to kill them

3) We do not attack each other (only when we are practicing) if you attack another guild mate your probably going to get kicked out

4) There will be no I repeat NO big drama not like somebody's dying or anything you can have wounds and not care that much but otherwise NO drama whatsoever

5) Respect each other. We respect each other if they're young old anything we respect each other including the founders

6) If me or one of the founders tell you you cant do something you cant do it don't moan or anything

7) No double clanning or anything alike

8) In the guild hall (maybe it will be my den) When I say your not aloud to go to a certain part your not aloud don't even think about going there when im off because I have mods who tell me or I will lock my den so nobody can come in

9) This isn't really a rule its to keep on my good side. PLEASE DO NOT CORRECT OTHER PEOPLE LIKE YOU'RE OR WHATEVER THIS ISN'T SCHOOL PEOPLE CAN TYPE HOW THEY WANT. Thank you I know it may seem rubbish but please let other people type how they please

10) We normally like to destroy stuff (its not a rule its a fact but yeah)

11) No lost magic ( Dark magic ) and if you don't know what that is you haven't read the thing I wrote about zeref & lost magic so I suggest you read that

This is the form to join DO NOT DO IT ON HERE do it on the Talk



Magic pick 2 because 1 of the 3 magic you choose we all have in common:


Your lover:

Your parents:

Former guilds (clans or packs) and why you left:

Roleplay example:

A link to what you look like (or upload a picture or tell us what you look like:

Reason why you want to join:

Loyalty oath:

Thank you for reading and filling out the form - Rad Daredevil (Freya076) Second Founder Of This GuildI have changed a few things yes you can pick 3 types of magic but only when you earned it for now you will remain with 2
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